This department imparts training in the principles and practice of socials and preventive Medicine at both the personnal and communal levels. Promotions of positive health is dealt with from the Ayurvedic viewpoint. Naturopathy and Yoga also comes under the purview of this department. Socials and Preventive Medicine in Ayurveda deals with elaborate guideline and regimens for maintaining and promoting health of the individuals and the communnity as a whole. Regulations of the life style, diet and behaviour on the basic of diurnal, seasonal and geographical variations, as well as the constitution of the individuals, in an important component of preventive medicine in Ayurveda. Ayurdedic dietetics is a discipline in itself. Measure for periodical purification and rejuvenation health of the person. Swasthavritta also deals with managementof communicable diseases. This department gives comprehensive training in preventive aspects of health care integrating modern concept with principles of Ayurveda as well as yoga and naturopathy.